iAnagram, the game of anagrams for iPhone

Here is a game that will surely please all lovers of the “Word Challenge” game on Facebook. His name is iAnagram and can be downloaded from the AppStore for € 0.79.

The aim of the game is to create as many words, anagrams, with the 7 letters given to us. We will then be given 7 letters and with these letters we will have to compose a sufficient number of words, having minimum and maximum length 3 and 7 letters, to go to the next level. To write the word, simply press on the letters to the right to dial it, then you will need to press on the doctor’s face to validate it. This is a fight against time, the spiral on the right of the doctor will slowly decrease until it disappears, so we will have to be able to compose a number of words sufficient to pass to the next level before the spiral disappears. To overcome each level an ever increasing number of points is required, the points are acquired with words, where a word is longer the more points are acquired; to understand how much we need to go to the next level there is a special progress bar above the doctor’s face.

When the time expires the game gives us a score, and once our name is entered, we will be included in a ranking. For more information, you can access the game instructions via the third entry on the main page.

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