Your iPod Touch under a double layer of silicone

So far we have reviewed many silicone cases for iPhone, the focus of attention on this blog, but many visitors have “simply” an iPod Touch, having a lot in common with our beloved iPhone. ProPorta  has also thought of them, and we therefore want to present the Soft Feel Silicone Case.

It is a multi-layer cover, in fact there are two layers of “interlocking” silicone protection that give the case a high protective capacity, not only against scratches. It was specifically designed for the second generation iPod Touch (2G). It is available in two colors: the central “core” is always in white silicone, while the second layer, the outer one, is available transparent (as in the photo) or black. The case leaves all access free, and allows the use of all keys. The points in favor of this case are in particular the design and the reduced thickness, despite the double layer of silicone. You can buy it here  for € 21.95. I recommend the black version, as the contrast plays considerably in favor of the design.

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