Piglets tremble, the Angry Birds arrive

The “Angry Birds” are thirsting for revenge and they can’t wait to destroy the fortifications that the green piglets, egg thieves, have built to defend themselves.

Help them on this mission by guiding them in the attack, learning their unique powers and finding hidden eggs. 
Angry Birds, developed by Chillingo is a game for iPhone and iPad that for months has occupied the top positions of the top applications purchased, boasting 1293 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars. Considered by many to be one of the best games developed on the Apple platform, it is an application that guarantees hours and hours of play with its 195 levels, constantly increasing with the release of continuous updates.

The game is very basic, the user has to do is take aim and launch with a sling different types of birds, each with a specific power, in order to destroy the fortifications and piglets they protect. The logic, the cunning, the precision and the brute force will allow us to overcome the different levels, with a score that is measured in stars (1 star = low score, 2 stars = average score, 3 stars = maximum score) and win the three stars is not easy at all.

There are different types of birds:

  1. Red bird: basic bird, available immediately without special powers.
  2. Blue bird: after having launched it, when clicked on the screen, it is divided into three smaller birds, tripling the destructive power.
  3. Yellow bird: with the click it accelerates and with a kamikaze effect it delivers a lethal blow on the wooden structures.
  4. Black bird: it is the bomb bird, after having penetrated into the structure it is possible to make it explode by clicking on the screen.
  5. White bird: at the click on the screen it releases a powerful egg-bomb.
  6. Green bird: also called boomerang bird, at the click on the screen it comes back spinning.

The game is available on the  AppStore at a price of 0.79 euros.

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