“Empty” iPhone scam coming from Russia

Here is another scam, having to do with the iPhone, coming from Russia where the iPhone has undoubtedly achieved a great success. The scammers in question do nothing but sell iPhones, especially first generation ones, at very low prices. The iPhone-buffalo in fact looks aesthetically like an iPhone, and if you try to turn it on, the melina appears on the screen and then turns off. When the customer asks for the cause of the failure to switch on, there are those who say that the battery is low and those who claim that the battery needs to be replaced.

The surprise comes at the opening of the iPhone, from the assistance or the customer himself; in fact there is nothing inside, only a mini-circuit that simulates the iPhone and a weight to simulate the consistency of the real iPhone.

So pay close attention to the offers that are too advantageous that they could offer you, on the street or on the internet, through channels like ebay.

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