Windows Vista your iPhone?

Are you a fan of the Windows Vista operating system? Well, this theme is right for you. First of all you need to install SummerBoard which allows the management of the themes, Categories which allows the management of the maps and then download the view-look theme called Vista Perfection 2.0. It may be necessary, if not found, to add the BigBoss source (source: Once installed the main features of the theme are:

1) About one hundred available icons 
2) The Dock 
2) The WiFi icon 
3) Images of the Boot and the Restore 
4) Sounds of the Windows system 
5) The icon of the Edge connection 
6) “Slide to unlock” themed

It is therefore not a question of a simple theme. Once downloaded the first changes will be applied, but to complete the installation it is necessary to select the Vista Perfection theme via SummerBoard, and restart the phone. It is important to configure the theme better with SummerBoard and the operation requires a bit of experience. If you encounter problems to cancel all the changes, simply uninstall the Vista Perfection application, using the installer in the “Uninstall” section, and then remove the folders created by Categories. As a theme it is not very suitable for a phone because, as everyone knows, Windows Vista has been specifically designed for computers, however it is one of the few truly complete themes and is worth a look. 

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