Sblocco iPhone 3G: There is something in the air

Is it possible to unlock the iPhone 3G, and in particular the 2.0 firmware?

These days the answers have been mixed. Unlocking is definitely not immediate, as major changes have been made in the iPhone 3G to make it as difficult as possible. Nevertheless, the competition seems to have opened up to those who will be the first to unlock the new firmware. There are three competitors: Zibri with its ziphone, GeHot with YiPhone, and the Dev-Team with Pwnage. There have been many digits launched between them these days.

Zibri is playing the part of the disinterested, in fact he doesn’t need the iPhone 3G because: “GPS? I have the TomTom Go. 3G? I have a 7.2 Mb / s card in my laptop. Applications? I have my iPhone. All the rest? I have my life! “, And throws veiled insults to competitors claiming that” ZiPhone was a real hack. Software upgrades or custom firmware are something completely different. “, Referring to Pwnage.

GeHot, a member of the Dev-Team before the “betrayal” (rejection of the rules of the team) which led to his expulsion, had included in his Blog a countdown for the release of YiPhone, which expired yesterday evening at 6.00 pm , going in the negative, we think therefore it was only a direct provocation to the Dev-Team, so that it moves to release the new version of Pwnage.

The Dev-Team responded to GeHot’s provocation with a web page , where there is a last “modified” dinner with a negative countdown, in which Judas is GeHot with the google shirt.

Despite all the confession that has been created these days, it seems that a flash of light is about to pierce the darkness of unlocking the iPhone 3G: The Dev Team has in fact updated its blog, notifying the inclusion of the iPhone 3G in Pwnage Tool.

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