Here come back the SIMs to unlock the iPhone 3G

Many owners of the expensive old EDGE iPhone with Bootloader 4.6 will certainly remember all the StealthSIM and TurboSIM that were, at the beginning, the only possibility to use the iPhone with Italian operators. Now the story repeats itself with the unlocking of the iPhone 3G.

As you know, up to now we are only able to activate the iPhone 3G (Logically we are referring to the iPhone 3G SIMlocked, such as the Swiss ones), but it is not yet possible to unlock the telephone part. With these SIM the problem is solved, it is enough to apply the SIM to our real SIM, of any operator, making the necessary cuts and our iPhone becomes magically unlocked in all its functions. Some names of these devices that are circulating on the net are ‘YesSIM “and” iPhoneSIMFreer “.

Unfortunately these SIMs often have side effects, in fact it can happen that the duration of the battery is reduced or you have problems of reception. However this time the prices have drastically reduced, a SIM for the iPhone 3G in fact costs less than $ 50, against the 100 of the old TurboSIM. If you have tried any of these SIMs on your iPhone 3G, tell us about your experiences

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