Tim makes himself wait, he reveals himself but not too much

While worldwide after the keynote speech by Steve Jobs, operators were quick to expose their rates for the iPhone 3G, in Italy only the prices of the iPhone 3G were made available last week without a contract. But how much will a 3G iPhone with a subscription cost? What types of subscriptions will be available in Italy? Neither Vodafone nor Tim answered these questions. However in these days the page of the Tim, dedicated to the iPhone, has finally been updated. Here is what appears regarding the contracts: “If instead you are interested in a subscription offer the iPhone can be yours with an initial cost that will vary between zero up to 199 euros, based on the chosen plan. Moreover all the subscription formulas will have at least 1GB per month of internet traffic included “.

No other details are provided apart from the usual “go to authorized Tim sales outlets for more information”, where nobody knows anything more. What is Tim’s strategy? Maybe create suspense, but more likely it is only a commercial strategy to avoid being overtaken by the competition, Vodafone, which will release more information on its rates during the week.

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