Import the iPhone 3G from Switzerland.

Switzerland, known by everyone for its chocolate, watchmaking and boxcutter, will also be famous for the iPhone 3G. In fact, Swisscom rates for the purchase of the iPhone 3G are certainly the most competitive of the Italian ones:

I would pay particular attention to the NATEL easy liberty uno offer, which as you can see does not imply any monthly contract. At first glance it would seem similar to the Italian offer, but what is the Euro-Franco conversion? Today, one euro is worth 1.6040 Swiss francs. This brings the price of the 8GB iPhone to around 323 euros, and the 16GB price to 386 euros, a bit cheaper, I’d say. However, it must be noted that there is a difference between Switzerland and Italy.

In Italy the phone can be used with any sim, but in Switzerland it is sim-lock, and can therefore only be used with the SIM provided by Swisscom. But with the Pwnage release, which is expected by the end of the week, it will also be possible to unlock Swiss iPhones and use them with any sim. Have you already packed for a mini vacation in Switzerland? You should discard them, because there is another obstacle, but much more difficult to overcome. IPhones can only be purchased by Swiss residents. So there are only two solutions: Seduce the Swisscom order or bribe the first passer-by with citizenship. Good luck to all those who will compete in this heroic undertaking.

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