Where should I buy the unlocked iPhone 3Gs?

In Italy it is possible to buy the iPhone 3Gs, legally unlocked at different points of sale: The centers of telephone operators Tim, Vodafone and Tre and in the Apple Store (also online).

But where “should” buy it? 
We compared the prices and the result was the following: 
Tim: € 619 (16GB) € 719 (32GB) 
Vodafone: € 619 (16GB) € 719 (32GB) 
Three: € 599 (16GB) € 699 (32GB) 
Apple: € 599 (16GB) € 699 (32GB)

The result seems to be more than evident, it is possible to buy it by spending less in Apple and Tre centers. Tim and Vodafone instead charge the same product 20 euros more, apparently without reason. I would also like to focus on the telephone operator 3, which in addition to offering more competitive subscriptions than Tim and Vodafone, offers an interesting hybridization between subscriptions and the telephone without constraints. Three gives the possibility to buy the phone with a monthly recharge (10/20/30 €), making a discount of 100 € on the purchase of the device for each band of constraint. 
For example, choosing a monthly recharge limit of 30 euros, we can buy an iPhone 3Gs for € 299 (32GB) or € 199 (16GB).

Tim and Vodafone, it must be said, this time they have lost face, and I believe that they will soon pay the consequences.

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